Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Understanding Cosmetic Dentistry

Not everyone was blessed with a beautiful set of teeth. Some may have deformed teeth from various infections or from accidents.All these different conditions can be corrected through cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentist cedar park is every dental work done to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth, gums or any malformation in the mouth.

It focuses on improving the color, shape, position, alignment and position of teeth and gums, giving the patient a better smile appearance.
Examples of cosmetic dentistry include;
Teeth whitening, which is the most common procedure. This one includes supervised treatments or usage of over the counter products to get stain off a patient’s teeth, giving them a beautiful smile.
Tooth reshaping. It refers to a dental procedure that part of the patient’s enamel to correct the size of their teeth. It also serves to alter the size and positioning of teeth where there is tooth size discrepancy. It is used to correct crooked or long teeth.
Dental implants which is a procedure to replace missing teeth. This is mostly done to old people who are loosing their teeth or to people that have had accidents that led to their loss of teeth.
You can get cosmetic dentistry done by most dentists and correct whatever is making you hide that smile. Most procedures are cheap and you will be spotting that radiant smile in no time.

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